Homer to the Max


He is the mischievous, rebellious, misunderstood and “potentially dangerous” eldest child of Homer and Marge Simpson , and the older brother of Lisa and Maggie. He also has been nicknamed “Cosmo”, after discovering a comet in “Bart’s Comet”. Bart is loosely based on Matt Groening and his older brother, Mark. Even at a young age, Bart has accomplished many feats. He has won an award for his Angry Dad web series [5] , he has discovered a new comet which was named after himself [6] , and he also has performed in a successful band with Milhouse Van Houten , Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggum. Bart is a self-proclaimed underachiever and prankster who is constantly in detention. He is easily distracted.

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Narcolepsy Epidemic in Hollywood — Homer Simpson Latest Victim by julie on June 12, It seems that Hollywood has a surprisingly large percentage of cases of narcolepsy , a disorder affecting 1 in 2, people, about , Americans and 3 million people worldwide, including many children and young adults. The latest Hollywood victim is Homer Simpson. Word on the street is he going to discover he has narcolepsy in the premiere of the 27th season on Sept.

What great free publicity and awareness! But my experience is quite different. Real people with narcolepsy manage their condition with multiple medications and diligent attention to their health, but there is no cure and no two cases are exactly the same.

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The Simpsons at 30: the 40 funniest quotes

Create New Through Professor Frink’s future machine, Bart and Lisa see their lives in the year , where Bart steals Lisa’s chances at going to an Ivy League school in order to impress a skater girl named Jenda while Homer now separated from Marge and living in an underwater apartment fights Krusty the Clown after Marge begins dating him. Bad News in a Good Way: After Burns gives Bart Lisa’s scholarship Bart: Listen Lis, I gotta tell ya something.

I’m going to Yale. I don’t want to go the same college as you!

Family Quotes and Sayings. Home» Browse Quotes By Subject» Family. – Homer Simpson. In all reality, you just need the ones that care and love you in the end. Because they will never let you stand in a storm alone. Submitted by: KylieElaineLynFLummer on October 27,

I will never meet you again. I may never get to hold your hand. But I know you are happy wherever you are right now. And tell you how much I miss you. Your love is like a flowing river that ends up in a vast sea — deep and wide. Thank you for your unending love. I love you, papa. Thank you for all the gifts and toys you bought for me. Dad, thank you for all the memories and lessons. Thank you for molding me to be the man that God wants me to be.

I totally appreciate it. You are such a blessing. A dad is someone who would catch me when I fall or brushes my wounded knees. He is someone who would rescue when danger starts to call.

Homer Simpson

Two wrongs make a right, Lisa. Always make fun of those different from you. That’s when it’s time to kick some back.

 · Joking aside: five quotes from comedians / 37 Committees / 38 Communication / 38 Communism and socialism / 39 Homer Simpson, was telling his colleagues at a nuclear power plant: “If you don’t like your job you xiv Book of Business Quotations

Where have I gone wrong? I’ve always been nice to people. I don’t drink or dance or swear. I’ve even kept kosher just to be on the safe side. In your face, Lord! Uh, not quite, Mr. Right…and how do I join? Do I whale on some Unitarians? So, listen, uh…is it true you priest guys can’t ever…you know? I was talking about the meat on Friday thing.

Man, you guys got more crazy rules than Blockbuster Video.

The Simpsons

If you pull into my driveway and honk you’d better be delivering a package, because you’re sure not picking anything up. You do not touch my daughter in front of me. You may glance at her, so long as you do not peer at anything below her neck. If you cannot keep your eyes or hands off of my daughter’s body, I will remove them. I am aware that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off their hips.

Sep 28,  · This episode introduced fans to Moana Simpson (voiced by Glenn Close), Homer’s long-lost mother who’s spent the last several decades on the lam after running afoul of a (slightly) younger Mr. Burns.

Here are great St. Patrick’s day quotes that help sum up this simultaneously rowdy and revered holiday Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one A pretty girl and an honest one A cold beer – and another one! Patrick’s Day Toast St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic. Patrick’s Day consists of the night of the seventeenth of March flavored strongly with the morning of the eighteenth.

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It’s up to us to develop the sensitivity to pick up on it. Pedantry can be the enemy of insight. This gives students the idea that there is a book somewhere with all the right answers to all of the interesting questions, and that teachers know those answers. And if one could get hold of the book, one would have everything settled. That’s so unlike the true nature of mathematics.

Homer was a legendary ancient Greek poet who composed the great epics, the Iliad, and, the Odyssey. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and other facts related to

For other uses, see Homer disambiguation. For other uses, see Homeric disambiguation and Homerus disambiguation. The Iliad is set during the Trojan War , the ten-year siege of the city of Troy by a coalition of Greek kingdoms. It focuses on a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles lasting a few weeks during the last year of the war.

The Odyssey focuses on the journey home of Odysseus , king of Ithaca, around 20 years after the fall of Troy. Many accounts of Homer’s life circulated in classical antiquity , the most widespread being that he was a blind bard from Ionia , a region of central coastal Anatolia in present-day Turkey.

Modern scholars consider them legends.

42 Really Funny Life Quotes

The show has a suave detective and his partner, who manage to knock off all the villains, without breaking a sweat. Homer finds the show very interesting and gets even more interested when he finds that the suave detective who gets the girls and is rich as a king, including his own castle is named Homer is excited knowing that a cool guy on TV is named “like his name” and that his “personality has been captured perfectly”. Marge and Lisa tell him that it is just a coincidence that they share the same name, but Homer is convinced that he and the character are exactly alike.

That night, he gets many congratulatory phone calls from people, including one from the Homecoming Queen at his high school although Marge forbids him from dating her.

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the The Simpsons: Road Rage movie on Homer Simpson: Boy, remember what daddy told you about being responsible and showing up for work on time? Dating service please. I should have no problem finding a lady. Krusty the Clown: You drive worse than Mr. Teeney! Bart Simpson:

Let’s all go to the lobby. Get ourselves some snacks. These courtside seats are great. Thanks for the hookup, Wolfy! I just want my daughter to be happy. Plus, you eat the pretzels I drop on the floor. That I do, sir. If anyone wants potato chips or anything fancy, tell them to go to hell. You can emerge now from my chips. The opportunity to prove yourself a hero is long gone. Simpson, was that you taking that cowardly dive into that display of heavily salted snack treats?

Now let’s all enjoy the snack table while we still have it.

42 Really Funny Life Quotes

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“Homer to the Max” is the thirteenth episode of Season When the new television show, “Police Cops,” premieres with a savvy character holding Homer’s full name, the real-life Homer enjoys mock stardom en masse, but when the show is retooled to give the character a Gomer Pyle-like facade.

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