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Create New “Reactions of character creators to fanfiction have been varied, from polite acknowledgement to legal threats to having their character discuss out loud how disturbing and weird some types of fanfiction are. Fans reacted to all of these things by writing 9, , new fanfics. Although such a ban encompasses all Fan Work , it seems to happen most often to Fan Fiction ; hence, most creators who try to enact a fanwork ban tend to be writers. The reasons for such a ban vary, but it’s usually one of these: The most obvious reason is to protect the author’s copyright. After all, fanfic is technically copyright infringement, and authors don’t like fans potentially eating into their profit margin especially where they want fans to buy The Merch or other officially sanctioned material. A related concern is that an author could accidentally or not write a story that uses some of the same elements as an existing fanwork, allowing the fan to turn the tables and sue the author for copyright infringement. Some authors feel an emotional attachment to their work and characters, and they don’t like seeing fanfic writers do weird and nasty things with them and fanfic writers particularly like writing Slash Fic and other sexually explicit works. On that front, some authors don’t mind fanwork per se, but they don’t like seeing sexually explicit or other NSFW material involving their characters. There’s quite a lot of it on the Internet, as exemplified by Rule

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If we all go for the blonde By Submitted by plusadmin on June 1, June This article is the winner of the general public category of the Plus new writers award Suppose you are one of a number of boys hanging out at the school coffee bar. At the other side of the bar there is a group of beautiful girls, all but one of them brunette.

Q: wait Nash and JesuOtaku broke up??? I only found out they were even dating before this a couple months ago.

Harlock’s creator, Leiji Matsumoto , was never a stickler for continuity , so it’s impossible to give a coherent description of Captain Harlock’s history. Nevertheless, his character has always been clear: Captain Harlock is a man of honor who, betrayed by either a corrupt or Vichy Earth , chose to sail the Sea of Stars as a Space Pirate to remain true to his ideals. Although he has left behind an Earth which hates and fears him, Harlock remains willing and able to fight for his homeworld in its times of need.

Nevertheless, he’s not motivated by patriotism; he swore an oath to fight for only what he believes in. Captain Harlock has appeared in the following series:

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They were two officers taking part in the campaign to free Shinji and Asuka’s world. Due to working together closely they gradually developed a relationship. Jessika Ryan and her girlfriend Mandy. Jessika got assigned to a secret project and had to leave, intending to reunite with Mandy later. Unfortunately she died during a trial test.

JesuOtaku was about 18 or 19 when he started dating Nash make of that what you will.

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While pop is still largely the domain of Rihanna, Katy Perry and the like, it looks like the changes I hinted at in are finally taking effect. Club songs are becoming less ubiquitous, indie rock is rising in popularity, and some of the more prominent teen heartthrobs have been surprisingly easy to avoid at least for me anyway. With one very special exception, there are only two criteria for this list: These are the Top 10 Best Hit Songs of in my opinion.

Let me stress this here and now. This is an awful, awful, awful song, possibly one of the worst ever made by mainstream artists.

Jacob Hope Chapman, aka JesuOtaku, is by far one of the most successful and analytical of the former DesuDesBrigade, formerly a member of That Guy with the Glasses.. He rose to fame with a review segment simply entitled “The JesuOtaku Anime Review”.

This time, I refuse to do it. The star rating system is unsuited to this film. Is the movie good? Basically, Off The Scale applied to reviews: There are six categories: Still Within Bounds but pushing it: The score is itself a nonsensical value and quite often a Take That! The reviewer admits to having no idea what score to give it this is essentially a shrug ; Refusal to Rate: This can be because the reviewer found the work downright repulsive, decided that rating it would be unfair, or decided that a rating was otherwise inapplicable.

This could be because the work put in so little effort that it would be downright insulting to dignify it with a proper review. Sometimes overlaps with Dancing Bear , when the refusal isn’t because the work is so bad, but because rating its quality would be beside the point. May appear as part of a Critic Breakdown. Some forms of rating-breaking can involve Grade System Snark.

The rating scale sometimes more a warning scale is typically 1 to 5 Shadows.

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The anti-gun people are essentially collectivist; the pro-gun people are essentially individualist. They are for allowing individual teachers who are already permitted to carry guns to do so on school property. To the collectivist mind, the proposed solution—increasing the percentage of gun ownership within the group—is absurd. But of course arbitrarily increasing the percentage of guns is not a solution anyone is proposing.

The solution the pro-gun people are proposing is to remove limitations on the law-abiding members of the group that put them at a disadvantage when dealing with the non-law abiding members. To an individualist, though, this statement is at best nonsensical and at worst insulting. This is also how collectivists are able to justify a ban on guns which would have to enforced by people with guns. For individualists, this distinction reeks of hypocrisy, because they see both the police and civilians as individual members of society, to whom the same laws should apply.

The problem of incompatible worldviews is complicated by the fact that in America, overt collectivism is still frowned on to some degree. Americans of all political stripes like to think we are proponents of individual freedom.

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The Madagascar movies have Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. While the original movie made no mention of any attraction between the two, the second movie established that Melman had fallen for Gloria long before they left New York, and their couple-ness was cemented by the end of the movie. In the third, they are still a couple, but not much is made of it, aside from a few pet names and their duo tightrope act in the circus.

It also has, in the third movie, Alex and Gina. Manolo and Maria in The Book of Life. Alpha and Omega has two:

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Directed by David Hand Starring Bobbie Stewart, Donnie Dunagan, Hardie Albright, John Sutherland One of the criticisms I’ve often made of Steven Spielberg is that, in his ‘serious’ films like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan , there is a jarring mismatch between the portentous, dark tone of the subject matter and his attempts to win over a wide audience through needless sentimentality.

This is not a problem in his better, more popcorn efforts like Jurassic Park and E. But Spielberg is by no means the only filmmaker or brand which you could accuse of jarring emotional mismatches. Disney has a proud history of it, and there is perhaps no more illuminating example than Bambi, a film which embodies both this uncomfortable mismatch and Disney’s reputation for softening the edges of its source material. It’s a film which foreshadows several of the problems that future Disney films would develop, and like Spielberg’s E.

But in spite of everything, we keep watching it, and it still has much to offer. For starters, the visuals of Bambi are magnificent. The film is notable for being the first Disney film to utilise oils rather than watercolours for its background paintings. Tyrus Wong’s background designs were revolutionary since their detail was concentrated at the centre of the paintings rather than the periphery, leading the audience to always gravitate towards the spot where the characters would be positioned.

While a lot of the backgrounds are very obviously paintings you can see the brushstrokes in the long grass , the detail and breadth of colour on offer is fantastic. Bambi continues where Snow White left on in anthropomorphising the forest.

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