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Dexter (episode)

Is Dexter a psychopath that is just simply following a code or a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds that is just trying to end his suffering after he saw his mother being killed when he was a child? Did Harry believe that he was saving a child with psychotic tendencies and possible future murder victims by making sure Dexter only went after criminals and acted professionally, or was he just a bitter cop who used a traumatized child to further his own vendetta? A good amount of focus is put on his wealth, power, and tight security measures, but in the end, Chase abandons all that and confronts Dexter and Lumen by himself at an isolated location.

And then Dexter easily gets the drop on him by pulling out a hidden knife. He spends much of Season 7 plotting to murder Dexter and being built up as possibly the most dangerous villain the show has ever had, only to eventually offer Dexter a truce and then get unceremoniously killed by George Novikov and this happens three episodes before the season’s finale.

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25 Ways “Dexter” Went Wrong

Originally Posted by Neil M. Here’s the basic synopsis based off of what I remember: Do not click if you don’t want to potentially ruin the ending.

Dec 17,  · Just as Dexter was faced with a choice last episode between Deb and Hannah, Deb had to make a choice of her own in the finale. With LaGuerta yelling “Put him down!” and “This is .

Strahovski’s mysterious role had been kept under wraps until tonight’s episode “Buck the System,” and viewers were in for a real surprise when her character was revealed. Plus, one of Dexter’s Michael C. Hall enemies bit the dust and Debra Jennifer Carpenter continued to deal with the fact that her brother is a serial killer. Missed last week’s episode of Dexter?

Get caught up with our recap Rehab Dropout: Though Dexter was willing to give Deb’s rehab idea an honest effort last week, our favorite serial killer is feeling suffocated by his sis. Like there’s no escape. She’s got me penned in like a aged animal, and an animal is never more dangerous than when it’s backed into a corner.

Do Dexter and Deb hook up?

Dumped at sea with Dexter Cause Her father was a cold-hearted and self-serving individual who threw Hannah into ocean water, which nearly resulted in her drowning. After she met Wayne Randall at the age of 15, she agreed to go with him on a 3-state killing spree. However, this could have been coercion on behalf of Wayne. It was never truly confirmed. Hannah is known to kill mostly out of self-preservation, rather than psychopathic need.

His fugitive girlfriend Hannah choked back the tears in a cafe in Argentina and took Dexter’s ever-irritating son Harrison for ice-cream, presumably to soften the blow of his daddy’s watery death.

Since Dexter is set to conclude this year , even though Showtime was interested in future seasons , fans should expect to see the writers tie-up a number of loose ends. Now that Hannah is set to return, the questions becomes: The last time we saw the character, she lashed-out against Dexter for turning her over to the police – after Hannah attempted to kill Deborah. When Hannah escapes custody by faking her own death, she takes the time to place a potted Black Orchid on Dexter’s doorstep before disappearing – leading many viewers to speculate that she would return and try to kill her serial killer soul mate.

However, the actress refused to comment on whether Hannah was out for blood or love – only asserting that the character will “shake things up”: What are Hannah’s true intentions.. After all, despite their mutual love, Dexter and Hannah went to pretty gruesome extremes to ground their killer instincts in a functional and “normal” partnership. Maybe the second time around, they’ll have better luck finding a conclusive ending – as lovers or enemies in a cat-and-mouse game of death.

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Spoilers I’ve got to say, last night’s Dexter caught me a bit off guard. Not in a bad way, necessarily—I was just surprised. Then again, that’s not a bad thing considering the show’s standing before its so-far-even-more-surprising season seven. Already, at only the third episode’s finale, we’re witness to Deb coming to terms with Dexter’s “Dark Passenger. And that understanding only comes after her own inability to stop a murderer. Feeling the pressure of Deb’s constant, stifling presence, Dexter finds himself feeling restless and caged, gaining little relief from bloody mental scenarios fantasies that make his real attack on a man in custody darkly humorous.

So, as a result of that restlessness, he decides, after warning Deb to back off a bit, to get back into his favorite game. Selecting a cemetery groundskeeper by the name of Ray Speltzer, a killer who invites women on dates before murdering them and stealing one of their earrings as a trophy, as his newest target, Dexter slowly but surely lets Deb in on his process, trying to convince her that killing Speltzer, or any other killer, really, is a means of sparing innocent lives.

Unfortunately, Speltzer escapes before Deb can arrest him, something that ultimately leads to her mixed feelings of guilt. Suddenly, this newest victim has indirectly become, in a small way, her fault, and after what’s more than likely much debate, Deb comes to terms with the fact that Dexter was right—had he killed Speltzer like he wanted to, no one else would’ve died by his hand—thus, her choice to understand and “set him free,” for the time being anyway.

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No method of disposal Cause Uncertain; Lila stated that her first victim was an accident but since that “accident,” she had urges to set more fires. She was a Sponsor for a Narcotics Anonymous Group, having claimed to overcome her own vice: She worked as an artist, often stealing items to use in her work and had a very abstract if not somewhat disturbing sense of style with her projects. Contents [ show ] Summary She meets with Dexter Morgan after he commits himself to the group in spite of his girlfriend Rita Bennett , appeasing what she thought was an addiction to heroin following a realization about her now deceased ex-husband Paul Bennett.

In some way Dexter sought to understand his Dark Passenger and potentially overcome it, but upon meeting Lila he delves deeper into the dark and forsakes a number of things in his life for her including a breakup with Rita. While initially sparking a romance with Dexter, it’s shown that she has a violent response to betrayal and is not above exploiting others to her needs even going so far as to light her apartment on fire to draw Dexter closer to her.

After uncovering the bodies of a couple Randall killed, Dexter realizes Hannah’s story isn’t truthful. While on a date, Dexter takes Hannah to a closed Christmas-themed amusement park, where it turns out Dexter has a kill room set up. He prepares to kill Hannah, but cannot go through with it and releases her.

RockyRaccoon3 4 years ago 2 http: It was a major event, but it wasn’t treated like one. I could see you, but I couldn’t hear you You were holding your hat in the breeze Turning away from me In this moment you were stolen I did watch the whole show, and I didn’t hate any of the seasons. But I do think the last episode was a massive cop out.

With season 5 and on, the show already hit its peak and there was nowhere higher they could go. Season 5 slowed things down and dealt with Dexter’s grief, but the fans didn’t want to slow down after the perfectly paced suspense of season 4. I belong to the blank generation – Richard Hell http: They set up this great moral dilemma for Dexter and then totally let him off the hook.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back, that’s the moment where the writers revealed that there were some lines they would never cross and that Dexter was unambiguously the “good guy”.

Breaking Bad or Dexter?

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Nov 18,  · After Hannah killed Deb’s new boyfriend, Deb asked Dexter to kill Hannah. Dexter told her he couldn’t because he’s been sleeping with her. Deb told Dexter she was in love with him.

All others, proceed… This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. So Dexter fakes a bomb with items he buys at a concourse magazine stand, then frames Elway as the threat. The boarding area is now closed because of the threat. Oliver Saxon shot Deb, and she is really not doing OK.

Dexter sends Hannah and Harrison off, telling her not to worry that the impending hurricane may mean escape via plane is impossible: For someone trying to lay low, girlfriend stands out like a lighthouse in the gloom of the approaching storm. She tells Quinn she was sure she was going to die. At this point, I think: But by all means, lethal-woman-who-drugged-Dex-just-a-few-episodes-ago, take the child and leave the country!

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